How To Rank Website On Google First Page- Improve SEO Ranking

Are you a newbie in blogging and wondering how to rank website on google first page? I will explain you step by step “How To Be First On Google Search Engine“. If you really want to Rank Your Website With SEO, the first most important thing you have to do is write a high quality content as Content is the King. Your content should be unique, easy to understand and relevant with the searches when a user types in any query related to your keyword.

Formula of How To Rank Website On Google First Page


You can use the SEMrush All in One tool to choose the right keyword that you want to rank. Make sure you choose the Low or Medium competition keyword with high traffic in the beginning so that you can rank it easily. With the help of SEMrush, you can also check the competitor’s backlinks and use it for your website.

Your ideal blog post length should be 1,600 words or(seven minutes of reading). you should repeat a key phrase that you want to rank between 1-3% on a page. Your Title should be between 50-60 characters long and Meta Description between 150-160 characters. I will suggest you to try out the Yoast Plugin. It will guide you how to write a SEO friendly article.

I think a lot of people have the same question how to rank website on google first page? So before we go ahead with this topic, It’s really important to understand the term SEO what It is and How It works. I am going to explain it in the easiest way so that you will understand the whole process.

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What Is SEO : 

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results (natural or Organic results). In other words, Search engine Optimization is a technique that helps your website for the higher rank and to display it more frequently on a Search Engine Result Page when someone types any query.

There is an algorithm behind it and based on that it gets decided which website will be displayed on the top of result page. Before we go any further with this topic, we need to understand how exactly the Search Engine works.

How Search Engine works : There are 3 major search engines such as Google, Bing , Yahoo that helps the users to find the most relevant result based on their search. Among the leading search engines, 85% users prefer to use Google for their search.

Every search engine has 3 main functions that are…

1- Web Crawling– Google-Crawl-Index


A web crawler sometimes called a spider or Bot. There are over 1.8 billion websites on the world wide web today but most of these sites are static and hardly change. Web crawlers visit these websites, read their pages , gather the information and save it to the Index.

2- Search Engine Indexing– Indexing is the process of collecting the data from the websites or the web pages. It is the virtual library where all the data the search engine has collected is stored. It is the search engine index that provides the results for search queries and displays the results on search engine results page.


3- Retrieval and Ranking– when a user types a query into a search engine, a web crawler fetch the most relevant web pages that match your query from the Index and show it on the SERP.

If you really want to know how to get website on google first page, It’s important to learn the ranking factors that is explained below…

How To Rank Website On Google First Page

SEO Ranking Factors

Website Ranking is based on two major components, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On-page SEO involves all the on-site techniques wherein we perform a few task on the different parts of our website to increase the search engine ranking.


On Page SEO Factors

1-SEO friendly URL
2-Start Title Tag with Focus Keyword
3-Write your Titles in H1 Tags
4-Write the quality content in natural language
5-Add Social Sharing Buttons
6-Boost the website speed
7-Write a bit longer Meta Descriptions
8-Meta Descriptions
9-Optimize the Images
10-Use Focused Keyword in the First 100 Words
11-Internal Linking
12-Outbound Linking
13-Use Image Alt Tags
14-Optimize Images
15-Focus on Content Length
16-Use LSI Keywords

Off-page SEO involves all the off-site techniques wherein you work outside of your own website and use the different platforms to improve your website ranking in search engine results pages (SERP).

OFF Page SEO Factors

1-Link Building
2-Domain authority
3-Social Bookmarking Sites
4-Forum Submission
5-Blog Directory Submission
6-Article Submission
7-Directory Submission
8-Question and Answer
9-Video Submission
10-Image Submission
11-Blog Commenting
12-Guest Posting
13-WEB 2.0

How to get on first page of google without paying

If you follow the whole process ON Page, OFF Page, Back-linking, you even don’t need to pay for the paid marketing. you can easily get on google first page for free.

SEO Tools

If you use the right tools for SEO, you can easily rank your website with SEO high in searches. It’s really important to know about the SEO tools as It can help you to improve your online presence and get you more traffic on your website.

In addition, It will help you to find the right keyword and optimize the content so that you can gain credibility and authority on the web. Moreover It also helps you to make a strategy against your competitor so that you can make sure you are always one step ahead of them. I am going to put best SEO checker for you.

List Of Top 20 SEO tools


1- Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool
2- SEMRush
3- Moz Pro
4- Raven
5- Google Search Console
6- Google Keyword Planner
7- KWFinder
8- Google Analytics
9- Ubersuggest
10- Yoast WordPress Plugin
11- Panguin Tool
12- Wordtracker Scout
13- Woorank
14- Google Trends
15- SEOQuake
16- Siteliner
17- Screaming Frog
18- Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
19- Seobility
20- SERP Robot

SEMRush works as a SEO tester and is probably the best SEO ranking checker or Google SEO Analyzer wherein You can audit your website and get a free website report.

I guess now you understand “how to make website appear first in google search“. You need to simply follow the process and keep an eye on your website’s ranking.

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